JET’s Custom Fabricated Reality


As your turnkey event planning and production partner, you can add fabrication to the extensive list of services JET The Agency can offer. With our in-house custom fabrication shop, JET can produce custom branded tunnels, foliage walls, furniture, podiums, props, and more to make your next event or trade show booth space stand apart from the rest. Our selection of tunnels, walls, and props vary in style, size, branding, and customization opportunities, making sure you find the perfect option for you.   

Custom Tunnels

Immerse your guests through these custom fabricated tunnels for a grand entrance! At JET, we have a selection of custom tunnel fabrication options perfect for your next event. Whether you’re looking for one to light up the space with our LED Prism Tunnel or unleash nature’s beauty through our Foliage Tunnel, we’ve got you covered! Our tunnels have plenty of “wow”!

Foliage Walls

Hand crafted by our very own team, not one foliage wall is the same! Our custom fabricated foliage walls are handcrafted every time to ensure you get that unique, one of a kind look. Our foliage walls are completely customizable to have your brand highlighted right in the center, along with your choice of flowers and other add-ons, including scent, yes scent! These walls are the perfect addition to your space for a nice touch of greenery! 

Custom Branding

Now that you’ve got your custom fabrication idea, it’s time to display your brand on it! Position your brand or message proudly and loudly, it’s a piece of cake. Our team of experienced graphic designers and production professionals are able to deliver the vision you have in mind. Whether it’s putting it up on a large arch, the ground itself, or a comfy pillow, we’ve got the capability. Allow us to help you expand and project your brand all across the room!


All in all, custom fabrication is just one of many services that JET has to offer as your full turnkey event planning and production company. Whether it’s a massive tunnel to make a grand entrance or subtle branding on pillows to scatter about, JET The Agency is here to accompany you on your fabrication journey. 


Check out our website to find out how we can work together to make your ideal event come to life! Visit our Contact Form to get started!