JET’s Guide: What You Need to Know About CES 2024!


CES, short for the Consumer Electronics Show, is the most influential tech event held in Las Vegas every January. CES gathers all types of crowds, from manufacturers to developers, but they all share one thing in common – they are innovators. This show, owned by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, focuses on a variety of different topics that can appeal to every crowd. Here is JET’s guide on what you can expect from CES 2024 happening on January 9th-12th at the Las Vegas Convention Center!

Preparing to Go

For such a huge conference, you want to make sure you are prepared to go! Starting off, make sure you are checking their website occasionally to make sure you don’t miss important updates. Next, make sure you take a look at the floorplan and agenda! The Las Vegas Convention Center is a huge space, and you want to make the most of your time learning and networking instead of wandering (but that’s not entirely bad because who knows what you could stumble upon!). Make sure you create a map ahead of time once the floorplan is out and highlight where you want to go. Be sure to also plan all your meetings at least a week in advance. By having an idea of who you want to visit and what sessions you want to attend, that’ll save you the time and stress of rushing from one side of the conference hall to another. Also keep in mind that hotels during this time book fast and rates skyrocket, so make your reservations far in advance. One last thing, you might find yourself going around endlessly as time flies – remember to eat! There are plenty of good restaurants both in the Convention Center and around it, so make sure to take advantage of the full Vegas experience by trying some new places! 

Innovative Topics

Whether you want to learn more about the upcoming advances in AI or space technology, these are only a few of the many topics covered at CES. With even more topics like cryptocurrency and esports, these are the topics of the future that’ll allow companies and individuals alike to transform. With the fast pace of technology advancements nowadays, it is up to us to continuously learn and adapt to these new changes. What better way to learn about all of this than at CES?

Prominent Attendees

With over a hundred thousand attendees the previous year and over a hundred countries present, the crowd is definitely diverse. This conference features people of all sorts of backgrounds and with over half of the attendees being senior-level, this is where all big bosses are meeting. This would be the perfect time to network and build new connections with like minded people!

Best Takeaways

With such an extensive topic list at CES, there is no doubt that everybody will learn something new. In addition to taking away the knowledge from sessions and workshops, you’ll be taking the new connections and relationships made during these days too. Whether you are looking to grow your company and build partnerships or simply learn more about a topic from industry leaders for yourself, there is plenty to see and learn from CES. This is your chance to make the most out of your experience and how you can use all of your takeaways to level up!


Overall, CES is a great conference to attend and learn more about our technological landscape. With new advancements happening every day, it is important to remain proactive and take the measures to keep up with these advancements. At CES, you can find yourself inspired after learning from industry experts and connecting with other like minded people. 


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