JET Services – Your DMC Partner

What is a DMC?

As a full turnkey event planning and production company, that opens the floodgates to the type of events JET is capable of producing. One aspect that many people may not be familiar with is that we are a Las Vegas based full service DMC. DMC stands for destination management company, meaning that we will help you plan your event from start to finish. JET can help bring your event to life, from concept to completion. We will go above and beyond in figuring out all the logistics and details to make your next event one for the books! 

What We Do 

As your DMC partner, we will work with you on Venue Sourcing, Event Design, Event Management, Staffing, Dining, Transportation Services, Furniture and Decor, Entertainment, Shows, Activities and more. JET experts will have your back the entire time, every step of the way. Pick a destination you want to go to, and we’ll JET over there with you! Whether you are looking for a single event or a team building retreat, we can plan nationwide. With experience in cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Nashville, Miami, Austin, Dallas, Chicago, and more, the possibilities are endless! On top of that too, we can plan internationally for you as well! Some international destinations include London, Amsterdam, Paris, Milan, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Singapore. 

Now it’s time to think about the fun stuff, what are we going to do there? JET can plan any kind of event you are looking for, whether it’s a reception party, a sales kick off, a team building retreat, or even a stage set, we can help make it happen! From planning to production to execution, we will support you during every step of the way. We are constantly doing our own research and using our team’s extensive experience to suggest the most memorable and unique activities for you and your team. We want to make sure that your experience will be memorable and unique, hence why we put our best effort into every step of this journey!


All in all, JET is honored and proud to be your DMC partner. As a team that loves traveling, we are more than happy to travel with you! Whether you are looking to go abroad or to the next state over, we’ll help you every step of the way! From brainstorming and venue sourcing to the entertainment and activities, we have you covered. We’ll even set up your transportation and plan for all your accommodations! Leave all the logistical details to us so you can focus on the most important thing – having fun and enjoying your event!


Looking to JET away? Check out our website to find out how we can work together to make your ideal event come to life! Visit our Contact Form to get started!