JET Through Our Custom Tunnels!


What better way to welcome your guests than with an eye-catching custom fabricated tunnel? At JET, we have a whole selection of tunnels to immerse your audience the minute they walk into your space! Browse our catalog to see which one would be perfect for your next event, from our LED Prism Tunnel for its bright colors and unique shape to our Foliage Arch Tunnel for its touch of nature. 

Multifaceted Uses

Welcome your audience with a grand entrance! These tunnels can be strategically placed to create an immersive experience for your guests as soon as they walk through the doors. They can even be placed to separate spaces and control the flow in an open event space, possibly switching themes as you go through. Use these tunnels as a way to spice up simple hallways. With their high customizability, the options really are endless! Reach out to a JET Expert to brainstorm more about how we can use our tunnel to perfectly fit your event. 

Eye-Catching Design

Whether you are looking for a neon 90’s themed, luscious foliage, or a futuristic themed tunnel, we got you! Our catalog features tunnels of all different styles and designs to best fit your event. Because we custom fabricate these tunnels in-house, they can be customized even further to your liking. Need your brand or logo on there? Not a problem! Have a preference for the flowers in your foliage tunnel? We’ll get them for you! Our team likes to be creative, so we’ll brainstorm new design ideas with you too!


Not only do these tunnels look great, but they are versatile! One unique thing about our tunnels is that they are modular, meaning you can space it out however you want. Whether you want the pieces closer together for a shorter tunnel or expanded for an extended experience, we can cater it to your needs! With our various LED and Enhancements tunnels, the colors can also be changed to your liking and will perfectly fit the theme you are looking for. If you have any more questions on how these tunnels can be fabricated to your needs, make sure to contact a JET Expert to see how we can help make those visions come to life!


Our tunnels are like no other! With their customizable and branding opportunities, versatile and eye-catching designs, there is one perfect for your next event. Whether you want to use our tunnel for a grand entrance to your event or to transition guests from one space to another, we can help you bring that vision to life!


Check out our website to find out how we can work together to make your ideal event come to life! Visit our Contact Form to get started!