The Sphere Rolls into Vegas!

What is the Sphere?

By now, you’ve probably seen those pictures and videos circling around social media of a massive eyeball casually on the streets of Las Vegas. Or, you might have seen it as a basketball in honor of the NBA Summer League being held here in Vegas. Regardless, the brand new Sphere in Las Vegas has been the talk of the town since its debut! This massive venue will host shows and concerts utilizing state of the art technology that has yet to be seen in this day and age.  

About the Sphere

The Sphere is expected to open in fall of 2023, and has just started to gather attention for its eye-catching exterior. The Sphere is under Sphere Entertainment Co. which is also home to other brands including MSG Networks and the Garden of Dreams Foundation. The Sphere boasts one of the most advanced concert-grade audio systems in the world that is designed to provide an individualized sound to every seat in the venue, making it the first of its kind. At 336 feet high, this is the world’s largest spherical structure along with one of the highest-resolution LED screens in the world. This venue is designed to house all sorts of events, from live music to film and even sporting events. The wraparound JumboTron on the inside provides an “IMAX like experience” according to Rich Claffey, the Sphere operations officer that is sure to keep you immersed from where you are in the Sphere. No matter the type of event, there is no doubt that the technology of the Sphere will find a way to immerse its audience in ways never experienced before. 

The Future of the Sphere

As the entertainment capital in the world that we know as Las Vegas is constantly growing to this day, the future of the Sphere remains limitless. With its high end and cutting edge technology, the Sphere is designed to host all sorts of live entertainment. From concert experiences elevated to the next level to immersive entertainment truly unique to the Sphere, there is no sure telling of what would be available at the Sphere. As Vegas continues to grow from more major sporting teams and events landing here to larger stadiums being built, this only opens the floodgates to entertainment. As a Las Vegas based event production company, we are looking forward to seeing what this opens up in the future for entertainment. With this city already being a hotspot for entertainment and shows alike, there is no telling of what is to come in the future, and we are looking forward to experiencing it all!

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